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Yukon government should remove WCC’s hospital status, says Supreme Court judge

October 02, 2017

‘Calling a prison a hospital does not change the nature of the WCC from a penal environment’

The senior Yukon judge who presided over the final portion of Michael Nehass’ legal saga is “strongly” recommending the territorial government revoke the Whitehorse Correctional Centre’s designation as a hospital.

“While the designation of WCC as a hospital suggests that the WCC has both the capacity and staff to manage and, if required, medically treat inmates who are mentally ill, that is manifestly not the case,” Supreme Court Justice Ronald Veale wrote in his Sept. 29 memorandum, describing Nehass’ “nearly six-year odyssey” within the Yukon justice system as a “sad state of affairs.”

“I strongly recommend that the Yukon government revoke the designation of the WCC as a hospital.”

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